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what is heel strike?

Heel strike

What is Heel Strike? For those familiar with running terms, heel strike is when your heel is the first to hit the ground when running.  Defining Heel Strike Let’s break down the definition of heel strike so you understand what it is and how it may affect your running endeavors.  While running, if your heel […]

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hiit run workout

HIIT Run Workout

Simple HIIT Run Workout for Overweight Beginners Running can be a tough sport to get into if you’re overweight or chubby. Especially when most running programs call for cross-training, resistance training, or HIIT run workouts. It’s a lot to keep up with. In other articles, we’ve discussed weight training and cross-training, in this one, we’ll

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healthy lifestyle tips

5 healthy lifestyle tips for chubby people

5 healthy lifestyle tips for chubby people Healthy lifestyle tips are important to many. Especially those struggling with weight. Lifestyle is more than just exercise and diet. A healthy lifestyle includes mental health, emotional health, intellectual, spiritual health along physical health. All of these make up a healthy lifestyle.  1. Healthy lifestyle tips for intellectual

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