ALTRA Torin 7 Running Shoe Review

ALTRA Torin 7 Review

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the ALTRA Torin 7 Running Shoe. I tested it while training for a half marathon and ran in them during the half marathon race, so these have taken a beating. 

ALTRA Torin 7 According to… ALTRA

Here are the marketing bullet points that ALTRA lists as some of the features, benefits, and enhancements to this version of the Torin.

Footshape. Our signature FootShape™ comfort gives your feet more space to sit naturally and is designed to address biological differences in men’s and women’s feet.”

ALTRA EGO MAX. “Our Altra EGO™ Max midsole foam gives you all the light and luxurious performance with a little extra bounce and added durability.”

FootPod Technology. “This outsole technology encourages natural movement underfoot.”

Balanced Cushioning. “Our Balanced Cushioning™ platform positions your heel and forefoot at an equal distance from the ground, encouraging better alignment and form.”

ALTRA Torin 7 Details and Dimensions

  • Weight: 9.8 oz / 278 g
  • Midsole: Altra EGO™ MAX
  • Outsole: FootPod™
  • Cushion: High
  • Stack Height: 30 mm
  • Drop: 0 mm
  • Upper: Engineered Mesh

Anatomy of the ALTRA Torin 7

Starting at the toe and moving up the shoe, here are some of the features that deal with the overall anatomy of the Torin 7.

Wide Toe Box

We’ll start here at the toe a wide toe box. This is a feature that many if not most Altra Running Shoes have. It’s part of the philosophy of ZERO DROP and Barfoot running. When you run, your toes expand, so Altra shoes are one of the best to address that running mechanic.

Lacing Upgrades

As we move up the shoe on this version of the Torin, the Toren 7 there’s an additional loop on either side for when you’re cinching the shoe it  tightens around your foot so that is an enhancement that they’ve done on the Torin 7 


Inside the shoe, there’s added cushioning in the tongue so that when you cinch the shoe around your foot you have some added comfort. 

Heel Lip

At the back of the shoe there is this heel lip and what this does is when you put your foot in the shoe and then you cinch the laces this helps to support your heel to keep it locked in. 

ALTRA Torin 7 Heel Cup

The other added feature for the heel is a cup down inside the shoe. This is located in the heel of the inside of the Torin. When you put your heel in there and you cinch the shoe tight it’s going to lock your heel in to prevent slippage when running. I really liked this feature and upgrade because it made the shoe fit more snugly on my foot. When it’s all locked in, there’s less movement when you run leading to fewer blisters and sores caused by friction. 


Many Altra running shoes provide support at some level. The Torin 7 has substantial support and foam, called Ego Max. In this version of the ALTRA Torin 7, they’ve added additional foam for added durability and support. 

ALTRA Torin 7 Running Show

ALTRA Torin 7 Final Thoughts

Overall, I was very impressed by the solid construction, cushioning, and fit of the Altra Torin 7. I especially love the heel cup and the lip that helped to keep my feet locked in while I went on training runs. My feet felt comfortable throughout my training runs. No blisters or chafing. My toes had the ability to expand as my feet hit the ground for a much more natural feel and comfortable ride.

If you are looking for a great stability running shoe and have wider feet, check out the ALTRA Torin 7. You’ll thank me later.


See the full review video here.