Running For Beginners

Start a marathon training plan with help from a chubby running coach.

marathon training

Marathon Training Plans

Find a marathon or half marathon plan that’s right for you

Learn how to train for a marathon or start a half marathon training plan with a running program designed for any ability level from overweight beginners to more seasoned chubby runners.

Completely new to running and fitness? That is not a problem. Find a training program to help you build your fitness level, increase running experience, and prepare you to start a marathon training plan to suit your individual needs.

Recent Running For Beginners Articles

running shoes

Running Gear

Get the gear you need as a beginning runner

Learn more about running shoes, clothes, hats, running underwear, and outerwear and other running gear to get started running on the right foot.

The right clothing and gear help you perform at your best, prevent injury, and improve your running. Running is not an expensive sport to start, but there are some strategic investments you should make in running shoes and other gear that will help you perform at your best and get the most out of your running experience and training.

knee pain

Running Injuries

Runners’ knee, sciatica, Osgood Schaltters, and other injuries beginning runners should know about

Learn more about the most common running injuries, prevention methods, treatment plans, and how to recover if you sustain an injury in your running training.

You can also find the proper stretches and strength training exercises so that you can stay strong, flexible, and healthy.

healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Tips for running beginners to live a healthier lifestyle, from weight management to better sleep to hydration and mental health.

eating well

Eating Well

Learn about different diets and eating programs, healthy foods, making delicious and nutritious recipes.