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How do I start running?

Take one of the quizzes to find out where you should begin your running journey.

New to Running?

If you are a beginner or want to get into better shape, take this quiz to find the fitness or running program that is right for you.

Some Running Experience?

Take this quiz to find out which marathon or half-marathon program is the best fit for you.

Training programs you can start today

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, there’s a program for you. So, if you are new to running or just new to exercise, you can get started today. The Chubby Runner has a plan for you.

The fitness programs build gradually and comfortably so you can accomplish your exercise and fitness goals.

The running plans help you build running experience and gain greater confidence in your abilities. And the different plans help you accomplish half marathon and marathon goals.

base fitness

Base Fitness

Are you new to fitness? Do you want to get into better physical shape?

The Chubby Runner will help you build a base fitness level to improve your overall health and set you up for success as you grow as a runner.

Beginner Running Program

With a solid base fitness level, you’re ready to start a running plan that gets you closer to the goal of training for a marathon.

The beginner running program is for people who consider themselves fit and healthy without a lot of long-distance running experience.

beginner running
half marathon training plans

Half Marathon Training Plans

The half marathon plans are for people with some running experience. There are two plans and they differ in total weekly mileage and running pace. This gives you the option to choose the half marathon program that aligns with your level of experience and ability.

Marathon Training Plans

The marathon training plans are for those with some running experience. The two plans differ in the pace and weekly mileage goals. Choose the plan that most closely aligns with your running experience level.

marathon training plans

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