Healthy Recipes

Find healthy recipes for all meals, snacks, and smoothies to give you the nourishment you need to train right and eat right.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Starting off the day right is important. Especially when you’re in training for a marathon. Try these recipes to give you the energy you need to tackle the day.

Smoothie Recipes

Sometimes it’s easier to drink your nutrients. Smoothies and blended drinks can be a great way to get a meal on the go. Try a smoothie recipe as a meal replacement or as a little treat after a run. Either way, it’s gonna be delicious.

Nutritious Lunch Ideas

Hitting the mid-day with the right fuel helps to keep you going. Try these ideas to keep your energy level high throughout the day.

Snack Ideas

Having the right snack at the right time can mean all the difference. Use one of these easy-to-follow snack recipes so you always have a healthier alternative on hand.

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Healthy Dinner Recipes

Eating the right mix of macronutrients can be difficult. Try one of these delicious dinner ideas to nourish, strengthen, and recharge.

Healthy Treat Recipes

Us chubby folks love treats. When it comes to sweets, you don’t have to go completely without them. There are some great healthy alternatives that you can satisfy your sweet tooth without throwing your whole diet out the window.

Healthy Cookies

Try one of these healthier cookie recipes to get your sweets and nutrients at the same time.

Healthier Cakes

Is there really such a thing as a healthier cake? Yes, there is. And most of them don’t suck. Give one of them a try. It may just be your new favorite dessert.