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should I run a marathonIf you’ve ever contemplated running a marathon, you’ve also probably thought, I know a CAN do this, but SHOULD I run a marathon?  It’s a valid question that probably goes through most peoples minds as they are embarking on this journey.

Runners are Crazy

As mentioned in a previous post, runners are crazy.  I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. Before I became a runner I thought that.  And then when I became a runner I came to accept that fact with pride.  Marathon runners are crazy.  What kind of a person gets up early in the morning in rain, sleet or snow to get in a 10 mile training run.  Crazy people that’s who.  So if you can accept the fact that once you start training for a marathon, you’ll be lumped in with the other crazies then you’ve answered your question, should I run a marathon?

There are some other characteristics that will help as you think about your question.  I’ll go over them for you to decide for yourself if running a marathon is something you should do.


Training for a marathon requires a high degree of patience.  You will be training for many months.  If your’re new to running, you’ll have to establish your base before you begin a full fledged marathon training program.  That will tack on another couple months.  So, if you understand that this process can take the better part of a year and you’re okay with that, then maybe you should run a marathon.

Goal Setting

Marathon training is not something that should be done as a dare or on a whim.  It should be a well thought out decision and a long term goal commitment.  If you like setting goals, both short and long term, then training for a marathon may be a good option for you.


Some of the best advice I ever got about running was from a friend of mine.  He said, “Don’t measure yourself on someone else’s yardstick.”  Marathon training and running is a personal endeavor.  You need competitive with yourself  to push yourself to achieve greater results.  If you get wrapped up in beating other runners during the race instead of focusing on yourself, it can hurt more than help.  You can use faster runners to help set a more intense pace, but at the end of the day, you only improve by challenging yourself against your own yardstick.  Running a marathon at a slower pace than someone else doesn’t make your finish line any less amazing.


Some people use weather as an excuse to stay in and not run.  If your serious about marathon running, use weather as personal motivation.  Weather can be used as a challenge.  If you see 5 feet of snow outside and it gets you excited to try something new, then yes, you should run a marathon.

Wants vs. Needs

For a chubby runner, there is more need than want when it comes to running.  I run to train for marathons, but I also run because I need to burn those extra calories and live a healthy life.  I don’t know if I could truthfully say that I run because I want to.  If you run just to run and you love running, then you should definitely start training for a marathon.


Running the first mile is always the hardest one. If you are the kind of person that can persevere in overcoming physical and mental roadblocks, then a marathon is just the challenge you need.  It all begins with the first step, first mile, so on and so forth.  If a block is all you can run right now, great, you did it.  Just build on that success.  You can and should run a marathon if you set your mind to it and stick to it.

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