The definitive Covid-19 running guide

Learn tips and tricks to help get outside and run to overcome the covid-19 quarantine blues

With quarantine and the Covid-19 virus looming, you may think that you can’t get out and run. Uncertainty and unexpected events may hinder your plans leading to a loss of motivation altogether. The good news is that you have the power to choose to run. That’s why I put together this Covid-19 running guide. As long as you are practicing social distancing guidelines, you don’t need to put off your training schedule any longer.

It starts today.

If you’ve been shut in or away from running for a while, that’s okay. It’s healthy to get out and exercise. Each time you complete a walk or run; you’ll feel invigorated, giving you the motivation, you need to get back into a more consistent training routine. Here are a few thoughts on how to safely get back into running again.

Start small

Commit yourself to a simple plan to walk or jog a little every day. If you’ve been cooped up for a while, ease into it. Try not to do too much too soon; you don’t want to risk injury. If you’ve been out of the routine for a while, your joints and muscles will need about 2 weeks to get back into the running groove.

Set goals

Goals can be the key driver to get your motivation back. As with any goals, make sure they’re achievable, but that they stretch your current capability. We are looking for small wins, to boost your confidence and just start your motivation.

One example; start small with something like, “I will run every day for 1 week” or “I will walk 20 minutes every morning and 20 minutes every night.” The ultimate end goal is to get your mind back in sync with your body, boosted confidence and motivation, and a plan to train for a race in the next 6 to 9 months. Once you hit these targets, there’s no goal you can’t achieve over time.

Take it up a notch

One of the keys to getting back into a routine is to push yourself just a little bit each week. If you’re doing it right, it should be challenging. A little pain lets you know you’re growing.

Start by adding 5 minutes to your walk or jog a few times a week. Keep adding more time until you can walk/jog for 30 minutes continuously without stopping. Once you reach this milestone, you can change up your walk/jog ratio by tapering off the walks and extend your jogging.

Make your own certainty

The uncertainty of the situation the world community finds itself in can be a mental and physical roadblock to your physical fitness.

Let me break it down:

I don’t know when all this will end.

You don’t know when all this will end.

No one really knows when all this will end.

So what are you waiting for?

That being the case, whether it’s 2 weeks or 2 years, do not sit paralyzed with the fear of uncertainty. Make your own certainty. Make a plan. Schedule a run every morning, set goals and then push yourself for even greater results. When everyone else in your neighborhood is binging Netflix, you’re out there makin’ it happen.

You can do it. Follow the Covid-19 running guide.

And Covid-19 can suck it.