Chubby Vocab

Bloody Nipple Syndrome or BNS ( noun: A condition known to plague male long distance runners when nipples bleed due to extensive rubbing and chaffing from clothing.  “Check out that guy running by, he has an extreme case of BNS.”

Dreadmill (/zzzzzzzzzz/) noun: great apprehension or fear of the monotony of running on a treadmill.  “It was the dead of winter and the snow was waistdeep which forced me to run on the dreadmill.”

Running Yardstick (run-ing yard-stik) noun: a standard of comparison, measurement or judgement in terms of running.  “He felt good knowing that although the overweight grandma just past him in the race, he was measuring success using his own running yardstick.”

Shoedometer (shu-da-me-tur) noun: an imaginary device for a running shoe that measures the distance the shoe has traveled. “As part of his half marathon training, his shoedometer logged many miles.”

Shoemistry  (luv-my-shoes) noun :a strong attraction between a runner and a shoe.   “In search of the best running shoes, I felt something special when I saw them, there was definite shoemistry.”

Running Economy (dont-runn-outa-gas) is how much fuel or energy your body utilizes to travel from point A to point B. Think in terms of a vehicle and fuel economy, the less fuel you use, the longer you’ll be able to travel.  “After strength training in the off-season, I can run longer and faster without getting tired.  I’ve improved my running economy.”






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