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Here’s a question you may be asking.

excessive sweatingWhy can’t I stop sweating?

That is a great question, and one I can speak to personally. I am a sweater. I don’t perspire or glisten, I freaking drip sweat and it doesn’t stop even after I cool down. It doesn’t matter if its 100 degrees or 10 below, the sweat flood gates are open. Even an hour after my run, I’m still hot. What’s a chubby runner to do? How do I manage it?

Sometimes, this sweat nightmare is linked to higher exertion levels as the thyroid kicks out more hormones to help meet the greater demands on your body. If the only time this happens is when you are start doing speed work or when you increase distance for long runs as part of a half marathon training plan, it may be just hormonal. To reduce this in the future, you may need to reevaluate your training program. You may be going to hard too fast.

If this sweat nightmare is more of a common occurrence, it may be an issue with your thyroid, eating habits, or even alcohol consumption. Keep a journal of your past runs and track the details to see if there is some common variable. For example, did the sweat nightmare happen after you ate a whole cheesecake, or when you were going through a stressful experience? You may be able to single out that characteristic and change it in the future and see if that minimizes sweating. If it persists I’d swing by the doctors office to get checked out to see it’s something more serious or just genetic like in my case. I am doomed to live with the sweat nightmare. Maybe I should cut down on the cheesecake? Nah.

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