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I’m just a regular guy.  I am not a runner, although I do run.  Let me just get that out there.  Kinda like the guy who says I’m not a

St George Marathon

St. George Marathon 2005

golfer, but continues to golf.  What that really means is that he sucks but still likes to play.

I’m not the stereotypical runner type.  I am not genetically predisposed with long lean legs and a svelt body capable of perfect floating strides.  I’m more like an albatross, flopping around, wheezing, sweating profusely and breathing heavy, you know, clunky.   The reason I paint that beautiful visual is to illustrate that  I’m just an average guy, an average guy who has run marathons.

It wasn’t easy, but it can be done.  And if I can do it, believe me, you can do it.

This whole crazy marathon idea began as a bucket list item along with #27 Swim with Sharks and #54 Jump out of Plane.   I wrote, Run a Major Marathon, like New York or Chicago.

How do you go from no running whatsoever to running a marathon?

Well, that is the sole purpose of this blog, to help you get from wherever you are, to the marathon finish line.  I had never run long distance when I started training for my first marathon.  As just a normal guy myself with some running mileage and wisdom picked up along the way, I know I can help you reach that goal.

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Matthew Mack

aka Chubby Runner



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  1. chubbyrunner says:

    Looking forward to upcoming posts on marathon running for the normal average guy.

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